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Paul’s 4th CD “Decaf Life” now in production-Summer 2008

Paul is presently in full production mode for his fourth solo CD project, entitled “Decaf Life“. This new album will be in celebration of that which helps us all to live longer: a stress-free life. The message is clear-let’s relax and have more fun! The present is the most important time of our lives, and often the most difficult to grasp.

This new venture will feature Paul more than ever on his “secret instrument” which he has been playing his whole life: HIS VOICE! Singing his clever yet accessible original songs, Paul has this to say: “I’ve been singing, playing piano, and writing songs my entire adult life, but like many instrumentalists, I only wanted to showcase my core skill -the saxophone and woodwinds, even though the piano was my very first instrument, and the one I’ve been playing the longest. I believe I can move people as much with my songs and my voice as I can with my instrumental melodies and grooves. I hope you think so too.”

“Decaf Life” is slated for release in late November or early December of 2008. Visit for more details.

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